CERVANTES clinical trial

CERVical cancer AdjuvaNt TreatmEnt Study


An international randomised trial of radical surgery followed by adjuvant (chemo)radiation versus no further treatment in patients with early-stage, intermediate-risk cervical cancer patients

Trial News

The CERVANTES team is pleased to announce the successful initiation of the trial in Prague, Czech Republic, in preparation for the recruitment of the first patient to the study.

The first Site Initiation Visit to General University Hospital in Prague, Czech Republic, was successfully completed on 15.6.2022, under the leadership of Prof. David Cibula. This event is an important milestone of the project, marking the readiness to promptly begin the recruitment of patients. An extended total of 5 clinical investigational sites have been confirmed and are scheduled to be activated very soon.


Participating centres


3 Site Initiation Visits completed in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Italy

First site initiated - General University Hospital in Prague, Czech Republic